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Forget New Year's Resolutions - Take the Daily Minimum Workout CHALLENGE!


Set a minimal fitness goal and/or a sports specific skills goal target for this year with a

Daily Minimum Workout - DMW


Whether you are a competitive HS or College athlete, a golfer, triathlete, runner or not athletic at all, this will work for you!


We all know that New Year’s fitness resolutions fall apart within a month because we just set the bar too high! They sound good after the holiday week but we know we give up within weeks once life kicks back in.


A simpler plan is to set a Daily Minimum Workout that you can easily & quickly do every day for the entire year. The workouts or sports skills practice should take less than 10 or 20 minute and should not require going anywhere to complete. Keep it simple and doable!  Pushups, squats, core, walk, jog, run etc.  If you run then get in at least 2 miles a day.  Yoga or stretching - 15 minutes every day etc. Pick your exercise and do it!


You will find once you get going that you will probably do more than your set minimum.  Like when I am not motivated to ride my bike I tell myself I am going to just go 10 miles.  I always end up doing 30+.


For example my Daily Minimum Workout plan for 2022 is:

  • Warmup with a light jog or jumping jacks.  Easy dynamic stretch.

  • 100 squats

  • 100 TRX exercises

  • 500 count of various core exercises

  • 500 bounces on the trampoline (also strengthens your immune system and clears your lymphatic system)

  • Walk 1 mile with my dog

Then if I get in a run or bike ride that is a bonus.


I try to get my DMW done first thing so I do not run out of time or energy by the end of the day.  You can even do 20 squats etc. at a time in front of your computer as you work! 


If you find that one particular exercise is too much to do every day then alternate between muscle groups.  One day core and pushups, one day squats etc. 


Sports Specific Skills Work - If you play a sport then add in daily skills practice. 


  • Golf - 100 chips in your yard or into a net in basement etc.

  • Lacrosse - 10-20 minutes of Wall Ball, Dodging, Shooting or Cradling

  • Soccer or Field Hockey - 10-20 minutes of dribbling, cone work etc. Indoors or out. 

  • Basketball  - 10-20 minutes of shooting


10 minutes a day of skills practice is 5 hours at the end of the month!
20 minutes a day of skills practice is 10 hours at the end of the month! etc.


Seven days in a row too much? Take a day or two off and don’t include them in your tracking.  Ie ‘Record of days in a row not including Sundays!’ Customize it to meet your needs! 


Getting started:


  1. Pick your exercises

  2. Pick your sports specific skills if you play a sport.(lacrosse, field hockey, golf, runner etc.)

  3. Print the workouts and hang the list in your room, in your office etc. to remind you!

  4. Make it Fun! - Keep track of how many days in a row you complete your workout! When you miss a day, start the count over.  

  5. Invite friends to the challenge and compete for ‘days in a row’ records!

  6. Share this article’s link above on Facebook to get friends & family involved!

  7. Send this link and challenge 10 friends & family at a time until 25 join you! 


Text to send to challenge friends and family:

I challenge you to create a Daily Minimum Workout plan and do it everyday. 


Need more accountability to your workouts? click here


Not athletic at all?  Start simple with any of these exercises:

  • 10 Pushups of any kind a day

  • Stretch to your feet 10 times when you wake up

  • 20 jumping jacks

  • Walk a ¼, ½ or 1 mile

  • Lie on the ground or sit and stand up 10 times


Lastly, this works with anything that makes you better! For example:

  • Read for ten minutes a day

  • Play one game a day with your kids or loved ones

  • Learn 10 new words a day

  • Spend ten minutes a day learning a new skill for your career!

Pick something and commit to a minimum per day challenge!

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