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Shake Recipe: Ultimate nutrition pre or post workout!

By Rob Walters 

Before I start my day or either pre/post workout I like to whip up this shake which is about as much nutrition as you can get in one meal. This keeps me full for at least 4-5 hours. Keeping hunger away will keep your mind during your workout, game, work, or school and away from questionable snacks.


Blend together the following or portion of:

2 bananas or any fruit you love! 

8-16 ounces - Unsweetened Almond milk or milk of your choice

2 scoops of Orgain Protein and Superfoods Powder

Optional for extra fiber(Start these slowly over a few weeks and drink lots of water daily when taking - Excellent for your digestive system but may cause discomfort to start as your intestines are cleaned out)

1 teaspoon - 2 tablespoons - Ground Flax Seed powder

1 teaspoon - 2 tablespoons - Whole Psyllium Husk powder

Blend and drink slowly!  Chew as you drink to get digestive juices and enzymes flowing! 

Have fun with your own concoctions.  In pic above we added blueberries and wild raspberries from our yard! 

Also a great time to take your other daily vitamins!

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